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Including your Fur Babies in your Big Day

For many couples, their pets are an important part of their family, so it's no surprise that they want to include them in their wedding day. From dogs as ring bearers to cats as guests of honour, there are many ways to incorporate pets into a wedding ceremony and reception.

Here are some tips for making sure your furry friend is included in your special day:

  1. Consider your pet's personality: While it may be tempting to have your pet play a big role in your wedding, it's important to consider their personality and temperament. If your pet is easily stressed or anxious, it may be better to keep them as a spectator rather than a participant.

  2. Choose a pet-friendly venue: Your Wedding Planner can make sure your wedding venue is pet-friendly and allows animals on the premises. Some venues may have restrictions or require additional fees for pets, so be sure to check with them before making any plans.

  3. Dress them up: Many couples choose to dress their pets up for the occasion with bowties, flower crowns, or even full-on pet tuxedos. Just be sure that any accessories or clothing are comfortable and safe for your pet to wear.

  4. Assign a pet handler: Designate someone to be in charge of your pet on the day of the wedding. This could be a friend or family member who knows your pet well and can keep them calm and happy throughout the day, or alternatively ask your Wedding Planner to arrange a professional.

  5. Plan for pet-friendly activities: If you're planning on having your pet at the reception, make sure there are plenty of pet-friendly activities for them to enjoy. This could include designated play areas or even a doggie treat bar.

  6. Consider pet safety: It's important to ensure your pet's safety on the day of the wedding. This means making sure they are kept away from any potential hazards, such as open flames or toxic plants.

In conclusion, including pets in your wedding can be a fun and meaningful way to incorporate your furry friend into your special day. By considering your pet's personality, choosing a pet-friendly venue, dressing them up, assigning a pet handler, planning for pet-friendly activities, and ensuring their safety, you can make sure your pet is a happy and memorable part of your wedding celebration.


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