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5 Top Tips for Reducing Stress on your Wedding Day

You've checked off everything on your to-do list. Your makeup is done and looking spectacular, the cake has arrived, and your mother-in-law is behaving herself. So what is causing the butterflies in your stomach?

While wedding day jitters are very common and totally natural, it can be so hard to shake the nerves. Here are 5 top tips to calm your mind and help you better enjoy your day.

Anxious bride

1. Breathe

If you haven't experimented with this simple form of meditation before, maybe now is the time. Sit comfortably on your own and close your eyes. Breathe normally at first but concentrate only on your breath entering and exiting your nostrils, then try this simple exercise:

  • Breathe in for 4 counts

  • Hold for 4 counts

  • Breathe out for 4 counts

  • Hold for 4 counts

Repeating this for even a few minutes will trigger a relaxation response which will make you feel much calmer.

2. Talk to a friend

nervous bride walking down aisle with green and white bouquet

This may be your Maid of Honour, your mum, your wedding planner, or someone else that you trust but naming the feeling that you are experiencing and why you might be feeling that way is a great way to process your thoughts. The chances are that your worries are unnecessary as everything is under control.

Laughing is also a great way to combat stress so get the girls together for a wine and reminisce on your hens night shenanigans!

3. Accept that there are things you cannot control

No wedding goes without a hitch (pun intended), the key is to accept the tiny imperfections in the day and choose to enjoy it anyway. You want to look back in years to come and remember how happy you were, not how you snapped at your bridesmaid for forgetting the lipstick. At the end of the day, you will be married to the love of your life and really what matters more than that?

Wedding canapes

4. Don't forget to eat!

You've chosen a mouth-watering menu so the last thing you want to do is get too caught up in the day that you forget to enjoy it. Ask your caterers to put some canapes in a hamper for you and hubby to enjoy while you get photos done, and it's probably a good idea to have some healthy snacks in your emergency kit. This is particularly important if you are drinking as alcohol can sometimes intensify feelings of stress and anxiety.

Wedding buttonhole on wedding suit with beaded wedding dress

5. Take time out

Throughout the day, sneak off with your new husband for some alone time. It's easy to lose track of the time when you are busy catching up with friends and family you haven't seen for ages but it's also important to remember this day is about you two. For the introvert bride, being the centre of attention can be especially alien and overwhelming, so make sure you take some alone time to recoup your energy.

With love, Amanda xoxo

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