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5 Ways to Keep your Engagement Ring Sparkling!

It's the best feeling, isn't it? Newly engaged and with a gorgeous new rock on your hand. I bet you can't stop looking at it and marvelling at how sparkly and pretty it is!

With a little care, you can make sure your ring stays looking its best for the entirety of your marriage (aka forever!), so here are a few ways you can look after your ring.

1.Take it off when you sleep

One of the biggest reasons people lose stones from their rings is by wearing them to bed. The little claws that hold your diamonds in place are very fragile and if they get caught on the fibres of your sheets they can bend and cause the stone to fall out. Put a ring box or a dish on your nightstand so that you have somewhere to put it at bedtime. If you have a cat or a child then consider keeping it in a draw out of reach of little paws and hands that might like to play with it!

2. Clean it

You can clean your ring at home by putting a drop of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of warm water and use a soft toothbrush to gently brush grime away. A couple of times a year, and certainly just before your wedding, take your ring to a jeweller and ask them to clean it for you. They usually do this for free and it's amazing how sparkly it is when it's done! Another top tip is to leave your ring on when shampooing your hair, my ring is always super shiny after a bath or shower!

If you have a silver ring, bear in mind that using silver polish or a silver cloth removes a layer of the metal, so try not to clean it this way too often.

3. Take it off when doing manual work

If you are doing a DIY or gardening project where you run the risk of denting or scratching your ring, make sure you take it off. You can buy necklaces which cleverly allow you to store your ring on the chain without taking the chain off.

Another situation where you should remove your engagement ring is if you are soaking in natural hot pools. My hubby and I went to Iceland on our honeymoon and nobody told us that the showers were all geothermal and hubby's silver wedding band was very discoloured by the end of the holiday. Luckily it returned to normal before long but it was a bit of a worry at the time! Most gold jewellery has an element of silver in it so it's definitely a good idea to take off your ring before your dip to be on the safe side.

4. Avoid having your ring resized more than once

Having your ring resized weakens the metal and can warp the claws that hold the stone in place, so it is best to try not to resize it too many times. If your hands swell during pregnancy or other life situations, consider wearing it on a chain until it fits you again.

5. Have your ring checked annually

Take your ring to your jeweller to have it checked for any damage. It is best to do this at least once a year. They will check the claws are intact and there are no cracks or substantial dents that could cause stones to be lost.

The first little scratch you get on your ring can be devastating but over time there will be so many little scratches that you won't even notice them. Your ring will age with you, like your marriage, any imperfections will dissolve into insignificance compared to the brilliant diamond at the centre. Enjoy your ring and enjoy the process of planning your wedding!

With Love,

Amanda xoxo

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