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A Groom's Guide - Wedding Planning for Hands On Husbands (to-be!)

For men who are used to playing an active role in life's big events, wedding planning can often leave them feeling a little out of their depth and redundant. Here are some aspects of wedding planning that you guys might enjoy being involved in, and suggestions on how you can support your partner without losing touch of what you want from the day.

1. Talk about a budget

Setting out a plan for how much you want to spend on each area of the wedding is a great way to establish what is most important to you both as individuals. It is likely you will find out something new about the other person that you didn't know before, and it might even strengthen your relationship.

It is important that you both appreciate that it is an important day for both of you so it should include things you are both genuinely passionate about. Assigning tasks to each other is a way to ensure the wedding plans stay on track and you can check in that items on the to-do list are being checked off on time.

2. Attend important meetings

Some things the bride will probably be thrilled to do on her own or with the girls; flowers, decorations or dresses you may be inclined to take a step back from. Some meetings you should however have an interest in attending, and have an opinion on. These include meeting your wedding planner, your celebrant and viewing venue options.

Some aspects you will probably also want to give some input in are catering (especially if there are tastings!), Cake flavours, entertainment and transport

3. Use your skills

If you are handy with the tools, I'm sure there will be some projects lined up for you. Whether it be making an arch for your ceremony or fixing up that sweet motor you would love to make an entrance in, having skills in the leadup to the big day always comes in handy. If you are good with technology how about making a wedding website to provide your guests with the latest info. If you have a creative eye, try designing the invitations!

4. Do what you enjoy

Do you love music? Put forward some band or DJ suggestions, or work on a great playlist to get everyone up and dancing! Do you love food? Do some research into caterers with menus you love the sound of! Car fanatic? Pick out the perfect ride for your bride (and one for yourself if you fancy!) If you have professional contacts that might be able to help with the wedding, get in touch with them, you might be surprised what people are willing to offer to make your day perfect!

5. Suit up!

Organising the groomsmen's outfits is your responsibility, and getting the guys together for fittings might feel like herding cats. Make sure you get measured up professionally to avoid any mishaps with sizing. Talk to your fiancée before settling on anything as she may want certain elements to continue through, such as the ties matching bridesmaids dresses or floral colours.

6. Organise your side of the guest list

Figure out who is most important for you to invite to the wedding and ensure you can keep to the maximum capacity of your venue. You also need to think about accommodation for your out of town guests. If you are paying for some accommodation it might be a good idea to ask the hotel to reserve a block of rooms.

7. Alcohol

Discuss the deal around drinks with your venue. While BYO might be the cheapest option, you are responsible for buying the right quantities. Discuss with your local supermarket the option of returning unopened bottles.

If you must buy alcohol from the venue, ask to pick a few items from the beverage list that you want to be served on the night. It's a good idea to set a limit to a tab so that you can decide whether to extend it or make it a cash bar at a certain point of the night. Some venues have beverage packages which might be an attractive option if you expect your guests to drink a lot.

In conclusion

The most important thing when planning your wedding is to communicate with your partner, there will be jobs that each of you favour, and your strengths will likely lie with different things. You won't necessarily agree on everything but it is important to consider why certain things are important to the other person and find a compromise that makes both of you happy.

With love, Amanda xoxo

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