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Five Things I've Learnt in Ten Years as a Wedding Coordinator

A wee vlog with some helpful tips that I have learnt in my time as a wedding planner!


"Hi, my name is Amanda and I own a small wedding planning business called The Big Day Company. Today I want to talk to you about 5 things I have learnt in the 10 years that I've been a wedding planner and things to consider on your wedding day and in the lead up to.

The first thing is “these things will not matter on the day”. I think this is number one for a reason because I have seen this so many times in my career, brides - the things that you think are gonna matter on the day just they’re just not gonna matter at all so although planning is super important and super exciting, if things don't go to plan on the day it doesn't matter, the most important thing is that you are marrying your best friend, and nobody is even going to notice if anything goes wrong so that's my number one tip, it's not going to matter on the day so don’t sweat the small

The second thing that I’ve learnt is photos are really important. I know photographers are expensive but it's all that’s going to be left after the day, once all the food has gone, all the beverages have gone, nothing is going to be left except your photos and your memories, so really invest in a good photographer, I think it’s so important. If you do have a budget for a videographer as well, that’s really nice to have that memento as well.

Number three - food and drinks. Now although the decorations and the flowers and everything might seem like the be-all and end-all to your wedding, people really do value really good food (and drinks), but really good food is something that your guests are going to talk about for years so yeah definitely think having a really good caterer for your day and think about the sort of meals for your guests would enjoy and a good mix as well, and don't forget the dietary requirements because there are so many different requirements these days in terms of gluten-free vegetarians et cetera so always consider those people.

Now number four is to have a good MC for your wedding. This might be a friend, this might be a relative or you might hire somebody professionally, but I think it's so important to have an MC. It's not a huge job but it is an important job and it's the person that needs to liaise with the wedding coordinator or the venue or the caterers on the day to make sure that everything goes to plan, everything goes to schedule, and it's a good person to be able to let people know if you're running late for photos or anything that's happening because it is important that the caterers know the timings and things because you don't want the food to be spoiled through no fault of their own.

Number five is also one of the most important I think. It’s to remember that the wedding is just that, it's a wedding, it's not a marriage. So although it might be super important to you right now to be spending thousands and thousands of dollars on things that possibly aren't going to matter on the day, just remember that you do have your whole lives ahead of you and don't bankrupt yourselves for the sake of the day, as beautiful and wonderful as it might be. You do have the rest of your lives to think about as well

So yeah just a few tips there for you they’re obviously just my opinions but I hope you get something out of it and if you want a hand budgeting or if you want any suggestions on any of the above then feel free to get in touch as I say I'm Amanda I'm from The Big Day Company and I'd love to meet with you! Thanks!"

With Love,

Amanda xoxo

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