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Ten Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will WOW Your Guests

Every couple wants their guests to look back on their wedding and remember something really cool and different about it. A great way to create that wow factor is to put on some entertainment that sets your wedding apart from any other. Here's some great entertainment inspo that doesn't have to cost the earth!

1. Photo Booths

Wedding photo booth kombi van

There are many companies out there, from retro style booths, to space saving kiosk style and even a photobooth inside a Kombi! But you needn't spend a heap of money if you don't want to.

Hire or buy an instax, get some props from a $2 store and you're away! Get your guests to peg their photos to a board so that you can laugh at the silliness. If you don't want to spend money on a camera, why not pick a hashtag for your day and get everyone to tag it on social media!

2. Flash Mobs

If you want to do something really unique, why not commission a dance crew to pose as guests, or wait staff such as in this zombie thriller flash mob!

Wedding Lawn Games Giant Jenga

3. Games

Lawn games are a great way to amuse your guests while you are away getting photos done. Think giant connect four, giant jenga, petanque, corn hole or ring toss! These are available to hire or buy.

Wedding singer acoustic guitarist

4. Cocktail Hour Music

Live music is always a nice way to chill your guests out, whether it be a singer, string quartet, or an acoustic musician.

5. DJ

Many DJ's will play music for the whole day if asked, but they are best for getting the party started later on. Choose a DJ who can read a crowd and develop a rapport with your guests while making sure to play the tunes you know and love.

Wedding Band

6. Band

There really is nothing quite like a good band. Whether it be a five piece, a four piece or a three piece, if you have the budget then splash out on some great musical talent.

Wedding MC

7. Comedy MC or wait staff

If you don't want to ask a friend to be your Master of Ceremonies, what a great opportunity to incorporate some entertainment into the role and hire a comedian! You could disguise them as a member of the catering team or a guest to ramp up the hilarity.

8. Bouncy Castle!

I've seen it done...and it wasn't for the kids! If you know your guests would be up for a bit of fun then hire a bouncy castle; set up usually costs extra, but that's inflation for you... (I'll get my coat...)

Wedding Dance

9. Ceilidh Dance

One of the funnest things I've ever seen at a wedding is a Ceilidh band. This traditional Scottish Dance gets everyone up on the floor and the "Caller" talks you through the steps making it really easy to follow.

10. Photo Show

Have a slideshow of photos from your childhood and relationship which your guests can enjoy. Throw in photos with your friends and family so that they can feel a part of the journey that brought you to where you are now. If you did an engagement shoot, you might want to show some of those photos too.

With love, Amanda xoxo

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