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Wedding Decor & Theme Predictions-2020-21 NZ Wedding Season

With everything that has gone on in 2020 so far, predicting anything for the upcoming wedding season feels like an impossible task! Taking into consideration how COVID has shaped the world we live in and the situation as it currently is in New Zealand, I anticipate seeing a rise in the popularity of micro weddings and elopements, even after the border controls are lifted.

With many New Zealand brides and grooms planning weddings on a shoestring right now, here are some wedding decor trends I anticipate will feature prominently in Christchurch weddings, and in NZ on a whole.

1. Earthy Elements

Mustard coloured hand woven macrame wedding arch

The Boho style has been gaining popularity in recent times and I believe this trend will continue into the upcoming wedding season. Natural fibres might be used to create a stunning macrame arch. Woven harakeke combined with dried flowers looks stunning, as does toe toe (avoid pampas grass as it is a noxious weed and the seeds can be easily spread when picked).

Mustard is the colour of the season and looks gorgeous as a pop of colour against deep blues.

Wedding lighting vintage Edison bulb festoon lights

2. Feature Lighting

Whether it be chandeliers, vintage pendulums or fun festoon lights - dramatic lighting will be the thing in 2021. If your venue allows, an impressive variety of candles looks beautiful on the tables, and lanterns are a must-have accessory to any wedding aisle, particularly if you're having a romantic evening ceremony!

3. Going Green

Wedding table setting green foliage table runner rustic bohemian

Many people had time during lockdown to consider the impact modern society has on the natural world and I think that this consideration will carry over into wedding plans. Whether it be upcycled items bought from online bridal marketplaces, to wedding invitations printed on recycled paper. Sustainable wedding favours such as seeds or potted succulents might also feature. Couples might consider supporting a small business rather than getting decorations from China.

I also think that the theme of "bringing the outside in" will feature strongly next season, think botanic chandeliers, leafy walls, and foliage replacing table runners. Couples will likely want to embrace nature in their ceremonies, swapping chapels for cherry trees.

4. Themed Bars

Wedding bar cocktails

This is such a cool concept that is just starting to gain popularity, having different stations around the venue with different beverages, or foods. For example, you could have a gin bar with a theme, a hydration station with dispensers of water flavoured with fruit, mint or cucumber, maybe a beer station with a keg from a local brewery.

But it doesn't have to be alcohol...or drinks! How about a doughnut wall? Or a cheese stand! The options are endless and can be tailored to include something that is special to you two.

Wedding balloon garland

5. Balloons

Okay, I have a confession to make... I've never been much of a fan of balloons. However, there is some simply amazing art that people are making with balloons these days that is hard to ignore. As couples are tightening their belts on their wedding budgets, this cost effective form of decor may be trending in the upcoming season.

If you are planning a balloon theme, consider eco balloons, which are made of conscientiously-sourced tree sap, and are much kinder to the environment.

And for goodness sake don't do a balloon release, you'll be killing countless animals and poisoning the planet. Rant over!

On a side note...

If your guest list has had to be cut due to people from overseas being unable to make it over, maybe now is the time to embrace technology and live stream your wedding for your international friends and family. Get creative and set up a big screen, and encourage those in other countries to dress up and be a part of the festivities.

If having less guests means you have a bigger budget to spend on decorations, consider having your venue themed professionally. The wedding industry has been hurt by COVID and supporting a local business will make a huge difference to the future of the economy. Your wedding planner will be able to help you decide the look you are after and source awesome unique items that will look amazing in photos and charm your guests.

With love, Amanda xoxo

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