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What type of Wedding Venue is best for you?

From high-class hotels to a marquee on the family farm, the options are endless when looking at venues. There are pros and cons to each style which I will outline in this article to give you a starting point for the type of venue that would best suit your wedding.

1. Hotel/Resort Venues

Glamourous Wedding Venue


- Accommodation on site which is ideal if you have people attending from out of town. Usually hotels will give you a great rate on a block of rooms for your wedding too.

- You can stay the night before and get ready on site.

- Spend your wedding night in the honeymoon suite!

- All the catering is usually done in-house, saving you hassle in finding a caterer

- A lot of hotels will have a designated wedding coordinator who is experienced with weddings and can assist with the planning

- All of your guests will be in the one place, making it easy to organise a rehearsal or a next-day brunch


- All of the catering is usually done in-house so you don't have the option to choose a caterer that fits your budget or culinary style better. Having said that, many chefs are flexible and love to tailor a menu to suit so be sure to discuss this.

- Usually BYO is not an option so you may have to purchase beverages from the hotel.

- Some hotels might not have a designated ceremony area so you may opt to have your ceremony off-site.

- Your ceremony or reception space may not be in a fully private area as you may be sharing the hotel with other guests.

- Usually have a cut off time in consideration of nearby guests.

- Can be an expensive option.

2. Vineyard Venues

Vineyard New Zealand Wedding


- Many vineyard style venues allow you to have the ceremony and reception in the one place.

- Wine! Can't get much more local than that.

- Many allow BYO which can save heaps of money

- Many allow you to bring your own caterers in, which offers freedom in terms of the kinds of food you want served and budget.

- Beautiful setting and purpose-built function space, often doesn't need much decorating

- Out of the hustle and bustle of the city

- Private, usually you will hire the entire venue for the day so do don't have the public to deal with!

- Will often have a designated wedding coordinator.


- Often out in the countryside which can be logistically challenging.

- Rarely much in terms of accommodation options nearby.

- Often nowhere to get ready on site.

- Organising your own caterer means one extra thing to think about!

- You are limited by the style of the venue. For example, the venue will probably be a rustic style so if you were after a glamourous wedding theme it might not suit the venue

- Can be a more expensive option.

3. Hall or Sports Club

Hall Wedding Venue


- Blank canvas upon which to decorate any way you desire.

- Often sports clubs hold some sentiment to the couple such as being a member or a fan of that sport

- You can provide your own caterer in whatever cuisine you desire and to fit a budget

- You can BYO all alcohol, reducing costs dramatically.

- Usually a low-cost option for venue


- Can take a lot of time and effort (and money!) to achieve the desired decorative effect.

- Extra organising involved in terms of catering and alcohol.

- You will probably need to hire wait/bar staff.

- No ceremony area on site.

- You might need to provide some or all cutlery/crockery/glassware etc.

4. Marquee Wedding

Marquee Wedding Tipi Wedding


- Can be placed anywhere (within reason). Ideal if you have a family farm where you don't need to pay to situate it.

- Can look really gorgeous if done right. Top tip- if you can, invest in silk walls, they really give a touch of luxury and looks stunning. An entrance porch looks really cool too.

- No cut off time so you can party into the wee hours!

- Can be decorated however you like.

- The capacity is only defined by your budget, you can always order a larger marquee if you have ample space and want a large wedding.

- You will probably choose to have the ceremony nearby.

- BYO Caterer and Alcohol.


- You need to organise everything yourself...Caterers, furniture, table linen, cutlery, staff, porta-loos, you name it.

- If you are having it on the family farm you need to consider how wet the ground gets, you may need to invest in flooring.

- You may be limited for accommodation options nearby.

- Can be extremely costly in terms of the marquee itself and added extras.

With love, Amanda xoxo

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